Vitamins For Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery

When you stop drinking, taking vitamins and supplements can help to restore nutrients that have become deficient. Rest assured that there are compounds from each of these categories that work incredibly well for alleviating alcohol withdrawals and restoring healthy body chemistry. B vitamins – especially niacin supplements – have cleansing properties that help to quickly remove toxins introduced during drug use.

best vitamins for recovering alcoholics

As a general rule, vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium and magnesium, and the most useful supplements to help you cope with withdrawal symptoms. As you read above, alcohol withdrawal vitamins should not be used in place of a medical detox and professional treatment and support. Please consult a physician before exceeding the daily dose of these B vitamins for the management of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Long-term magnesium deficiencies can cause conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Magnesium therapy is often recommended in some of these circumstances. Early in recovery, your body will need to readjust to the feeling of hunger.

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No one undergoing withdrawal from alcohol should be depressed. And research in rats shows that ALCAR can significantly decrease alcohol consumption and reduce the onset of tremors during alcohol withdrawal.

  • There are two main reasons that addictions result in nutritional deficiencies.
  • Learn more about medications for alcohol cravings, and other ways to round out your support system in recovery.
  • In addition to the vitamins listed above, high-quality multivitamins work to replace missing essential nutrients depleted due to lack of proper nutritional intake.
  • Take into account your unique situation and try to determine the factors that contributed to your drinking problem.
  • Therefore, their supplementation to the AWS patient might improve symptom evolution.” Research source.

Immediately, I noticed changes in sleep, mood, skin, digestion, energy, and cravings–a complete release from the slog of recovery I have maintained to this day. This is the same program I use with my clients, who report the same results. In fact, the more we use these substances, the more depleted we become, and the high we get from these only temporarily relieves our “psychological” symptoms .

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The B-complex vitamins are often deficient after prolonged heavy drinking. The majority of people who try to quit drinking by themselves will fall back into old habits.

I help people in recovery heal their bodies and minds so they can learn to love sober life—not just survive it. That research journey revolutionized how I look at addiction and its root causes. The science-based knowledge I gathered helped me cure my cravings, anxiety, and depression for good. From my research, I developed a comprehensive nutritional program I call bio-repair, which is the basis of my practice for clients in recovery. Sober sufferers of protracted withdrawal are, in fact, still sick.

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L-Theanine is a natural amino acid primarily found in plant and fungal species. A popular source of this amino acid can be found in green tea. Theanine provides a unique broth or savory flavor to green tea infusions. Glutamine, vitamins for recovering alcoholics an amino acid, is depleted by consumption of alcohol. “Evidence from literature and our experiment suggests that brain activity, especially the glutamatergic system, might be directly involved in micronutrient concentrations.

best vitamins for recovering alcoholics

Reputable researchers believe that by nature, drug and alcohol abuse depletes certain vitamins and minerals because very little healthy sustenance is taken on board. Some patients have commonly discovered general malnutrition, anemia, and conspicuously decreased nutrient intake when recovery begins. In general, the nutrient intake can fall below two-thirds of the normally recommended allowances.

Vitamin C

Your brain needs carbs to make the chemical messenger serotonin. That’s what evens out your moods, helps you sleep better, and soothes the urge for alcohol.


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